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An idea is just the beginning of a creation that only some can successfully accomplish. With 30 years of experiences in shaping creativity for modern businesses, Thai Arusu, a joint-venture of Arusu Japan, is the leading expert in design and interior decoration. The company’s long and trusted presence earns Thai Arusu a revered spot in the existing customers’ perception and at the same time
attracts new customers that continue to grow in number.

Company Profile

  • Established in June 1984
  • A joint-venture of Arusu Japan and Saha Group
  • First Department Store in Thailand decorated by us : Sogo Thailand.
  • Leading expert in
    • Interior & Exterior Decoration
    • Innovative Design
    • Store Evolution
    • Promotion & Graphic
    • Public Relations
    • Event Marketing
  • Areas where our services of Department Stores decoration are covered Thailand and Indochina
  • Having our own Furniture Factory
  • Expanded its operations to Myanmar in November 2015
  • Current permanent staff : 80

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Manu Leelanuwatana


Determination and dedication are successful formulas of Thai Arusu, a joint-ventured company of Arusu, Japan. Interior designs and decorations for prime department stores were Thai Arusu’s starting point which also became our masterpiece that has earned the company a great reputation. Today, Thai Arusu is one of the leading companies in service business which has gained more and more important roles in line with the growth of Thailand’s internal economy and the importance is now in macroeconomics .

Thai Arusu has specified clear goals to make our growth sustainable in order to build company’s foundations solidly and to learn to prepare for readiness to expand our business to AEC and other countries, which we ultimately regard as a challenge to Thai Arusu’s determination to become one of Thailand’s internationally known companies

Pisamai Chunmanu

Managing Director

As of now, Thai Arusu is definitely ready to handle all aspects of today’s boundless world. For the past 30 years, the company has placed an importance on a number of developments in order to build sustainable readiness in a number of areas ; such as, the readiness of our teams of staff who have been constantly trained to improve their skills, the readiness of our brand new and unique ideas to match our clients’ needs, the readiness of our after-sales-assistance which is one of our core services, and our readiness to maintain our clients’ images we  are always aware that we must stably keep up with the demands of our clients.

Koji Sato

Deputy Managing Director


Thai Arusu Care

The 3rd Year of Returning Fertility to Nature

To instill the consciousness of nature caretaker’s duty, continuous campaigns must be conducted until people possess a habit of loving their own habitation and natural surroundings until it becomes a social responsibility. For the above reason, Thai Arusu has carried on the 3rd year of “More Trees to Fight Global Warming” project at Mangrove Center in Wat Klong Kone District, Samutsongkram, to encourage our management and staff to take good care of nature and its environment through growing Mangrove Forests. This is not only to conserve marine life’s reproduction sources and habitats, but also to protect the shore from storms during stormy seasons, to return fertility to the ecosystem, and to build a balance between human and nature to exist together in harmony.


Ever Steady, Ever Strong