Interior Design

Ideas contribute to an impressive image while experience builds trust. While ideas and experiences make for its crucial driving force forward, Thai Arusu thrives to become the leader in interior and exterior design. For the past 30 years, Thai Arusu has come up with innovations for every products and service and caters to the maximum satisfaction of the clients. Because “design” is part of “life”, combining “art” and “everyday life” is our main goal.  Today, Thai Arusu has established itself to become an interior design firm with creative spirits and outstanding experiences that make us the design firm for tomorrow.

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Product Design

A good product is created with outstanding design, ever-evolving quality, a strategic approach to modernity and potential to exceed expectations. Each good product is constructed from the heart of the designer to cater to both business opportunity as well as the customers’ need. Customers’ accessibility to the product is enhanced by new technology and materials, while each single meticulous design process is placed to achieve desirable image and customers’ need to reach maximized marketability.

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Event & Marketing

Whether it is a product launch, festival, party, anniversary, ceremony, or anything else. We at Thai Arusu, have the right teams for any event planning. With strong determination to provide you with solutions that can enhance the image and ambiance of each event, we bring you out of traditional aspects by putting our creativity and uniquely ultramodern energy into all of our works. We believe that sustainable development and constant search for new ideas are the ways to build strength and excitement to the brands or the companies under our care.

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